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Latest Revision as of 7/01/20


ReadytoRetireandRelax.com the website is managed by a Managing Partner of a business group of associates affiliated with this website. These Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy discloses and details all practices as it pertains to this website. All parties contracted and associated with this site are well aware of the privacy concerns of our users, and we are determined to protect the security of personal information submitted to our website and captured during our advertising methods. The images in our website may be stock photos are not actual people being helped by our affiliates, this page's verbiage is included and disclosed to not mislead the public. You acknowledge that you have fully read, understand and agree to all terms and conditions and privacy policies by accessing or using the website. If you don’t agree with these terms and conditions and privacy policies, please exit this page and do not access or use the site.

General Business Terms

​By agreeing to use all services affiliated with this website, you are agreeing to be bound by these website Terms and Conditions of Use, applicable laws and regulations and their compliance. If you disagree with any of the stated terms and conditions, you are prohibited from using our services or accessing this site. The materials contained in this site are secured by relevant copyright and trademark law. 

FMO, Agent and Financial Planner Disclosure

Our business group of associates is not an FMO (Field Marketing Organization) nor do we represent ourselves as one, by definition an FMO is a company that offers insurance products and services to insurance agents or agencies. We also are not affiliated or endorsed by any Federal Program. This website was developed to serve as a helpful resource site to assist individuals seeking Retirement help, all business activities requiring a Licensed Professional are handled by non-employee Licensed Professionals. All Licensed Professionals affiliated with this website are contracted sponsors/ partners of this site. If any wrongdoing is performed by a contracted professional upon our introduction, we are not responsible for any wrongdoing conducted by the professional. All affiliated partners or sponsors are licensed to conduct business in the State of California. 

Emailed Newsletter & Data Collection

By signing up for our email newsletter affiliated with this website, you agree to receive any information of our choosing by the email you provided upon signing up for our newsletter. Your signup was voluntary and you may unsubscribe from our email newsletter at any time by responding to any monthly email with a unsubscribe message informing us of your unsubscribe request. Please allow 48 hours for system to officially remove your Email from our Newsletter list. Your data collected when you sign up for our website's monthly newsletter may be utilized by our partners for their own business marketing campaigns external from this website, we define a partner as someone we conduct business with according to a formal service agreement.

​Our Marketing Practices

Our group categorizes as a technology & internet services group built to help connect Professionals and Businesses with prospects, we use online and traditional media sources. We do not represent client's businesses or act as an employee of our client's businesses, we reserve the right to terminate any signed client agreement at any time if we feel wrong doings are being occurred by a client. Clients are advised to read our terms and conditions upon entering into a client service agreement. We will not be responsible for any misconduct by clients upon prospects, which we helped them acquire, if clients disagree they must advise us via email and we will terminate our client contract immediately. We do not guarantee a specific number of leads acquired per month, that number is dictated by the market's response to our efforts but we do our best to satisfy and deliver results to our clients, our collected leads may be shared by us only with other prospect clients entered into our professional network. You are not authorized to share leads received from us, if you do, we reserve the right to terminate our service agreement with you. All contracted agreements duration are transparent and conveyed during the signing of the service agreement. If you decide to terminate the contract prior to the termed stated agreement date, we reserve the right to utilize all legal options covered by State and Federal Law.


​Sponsored Partner Agreements

By entering into a sponsored partnership agreement with our managing partner, each agreement is confidential and you agree to abide by the sponsor partnership agreement details which were discussed during the partner recruitment process, you openly agreed to and signed the dated agreement. All content, training, discussions and all related relationship engagement between Sponsor/ Partner and our managing partner is confidential and protected by a Non Disclosure Agreement you willingly signed and agreed to. All payments if included in sponsor or partnership agreements are final and non-refundable. 


​Independent Contractors

An independent contractor agreement is a legal document between a business and an independent contractor, freelancer or subcontractor. It outlines the details of the work to be performed, terms of the agreement, deliverables, compensation, and any additional clauses. By entering into a contract with our managing partner, each contracted agreement is confidential and you agree to abide by the contracts agreement details which were discussed and agreed upon during the contractor recruitment process, you openly agreed to and signed the dated agreement. All content, training, discussions and all related engagement between Contractor and our managing partner is confidential and protected by a Non Disclosure Agreement you willingly signed and agreed to. All training payments or deposits if included in contractor agreement are final and non-refundable. Our managing partner reserves the right at anytime during the contracted dated terms to terminate the contract.


Third Party Privacy Policy


​This Privacy Policy pertains to the use, storage and disclosure of information that is collected by our group of associates. We reserve the right to share collected data, excluding payment card details, with any 3rd party of our choosing.


Your Collected Credit Card Information - All Payment Processing Terms


​Upon agreeing to utilize any of our services, a credit card is usually required to lock into our service agreement. In some cases we accept cash or check but we prefer credit card payments. Your credit card information you provided to an account manager will not be shared with anyone not directly involved with our payment processing process, your credit card will be charged the amount agreed to in our service agreement, upon signing the service agreement - you agree to allow us to charge your credit card on the date your service agreement states. We utilize 3rd party stripe payment systems, if you do not approve of stripe, you are required to advise us before entering into a service agreement. All payments are non-refundable per the signed service agreement. We do not share your credit card details with any other company except stripe, please review their payment processing terms, we are not liable for any misconduct rising from their company wrongdoings.



This site is not intended for use by minors (those under the age of 18) and we do not intend to sell any of our products or services to minors.  We offer no way of guaranteeing the age of individuals who access our Site and if it is found that a minor has accessed a registered account, it us up to the minor’s legal guardian to contact us and request we remove the minor’s account. 


Security Measures


We use modern security measures to help protect against malicious modifications of your personal information. There is no security measure that is completely impenetrable, we will not be responsible for any wrong doings of any third parties that may result in loss or misconduct. If you don’t agree with these terms and conditions, please exit this page and do not access or use the site.


​Changes To Our Privacy Policy


The Privacy Policy can change at any time and we will email you to inform you of the updated changes. These changes can and will take effect immediately when posted on the site. It is the responsibility of each user/member to review the site and the Privacy Policy to learn of any changes to this Privacy Policy. Your continued use of the site after such revisions will serve as your acknowledgment and acceptance of the terms of the revised Privacy Policy.

For general concerns or questions regarding our privacy policy and terms, please request a call back by submitting a call back request located on our website contact page. Please allow 24 hours for a call back.